Scotland Home Shirt Kit 2014 Adidas

Scotland home shirt 2014Scotland have revealed their new home shirt and kit for 2014. The new strip is made by Adidas.

Scotland home kit 2014The new home shirt is navy blue and has tartan trim to the cuffs. It also features silver stripes and monochrome badges with red detail to the v-neck collar and there is a tiny spider design on the lower part of the back – see close-up photo.

Spider on Scotland shirtThe spider is said to represent Scottish leader Robert the Bruce’s persistence in his struggles against the English. There is the famous tale of him gaining inspiration from watching a spider’s persistence in building a web in a cave. The strip is completed with navy blue shorts, which also feature the stripes and tartan detail, and dark red socks with navy and white detail as you can see in the picture.

Early fan reaction we’ve seen seems to be largely positive. What do you think?

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