Premier League Shirt Preview – Season 2012-13 – Clubs N to W

The new Premier League season is here. What have the football kit designers come up with this season? Have they stuck to your club’s traditional kit design or thrown everything out and started from afresh? Take a look below for Premier League clubs N to W (for clubs A to M click here) and see what you think. Will you be proud to wear your club colours this season, or will you be wearing a retro shirt because you can’t stand your shirts new look?

Newcastle United

Newcastle United Home ShirtNewcastle United’s kit suppliers, Puma have produced a traditional looking home kit with a couple of subtle design twists. If you look closely at the stripes, you can see they overlap in places giving the appearance of a jagged edge in places. I’ve also seen fan’s complaining that the sponsor’s logo is too big.

Newcastle United Away ShirtThe new away strip sees them return to the colours of claret and blue that has featured twice before in away kits of the past. Overall, I think the Toon Army will be reasonably happy with their shirts this Season.

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Norwich City

Norwich City Home ShirtNorwich City Away Kit








At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that Norwich hadn’t changed their home shirt this Season. However, look closely and you will see that suppliers, Errea, have made some subtle changes, most notably the green collar.

The new away kit is in black with yellow, green and white detail. The sponsor is Aviva.

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Queens Park Rangers

QPR Home ShirtQPR Away Shirt








QPR’s home shirt sports their usual blue and white hoop design but suppliers, Lotto, have made a few design changes. The hoops don’t run right up to the top of the shirt, which is in white. This makes the club crest more easy to see. The neckline may also take a bit of getting used to.

The away shirt is in red with white detail and the third shirt is in a sky blue with black detail. Air Asia is the shirt sponsors.





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Reading Home Shirt

Reading Away Shirt









Reading’s shirt suppliers, Puma, have given the home a big and bold blue and white hoop design with red detail to one shoulder. The club crest has moved to the middle of the shirt. The shirt has a v-neck and Waitrose are the sponsors.

The away shirt is in yellow with blue detail and the club crest moves to one side again. Features a v-neck.

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Southampton Home ShirtSouthampton Home & Away Shirts








Southampton’s shirt suppliers, Umbro, have made some changes for the clubs return to the Premier League. Gone are the traditional red and white stripes of the home shirt; replaced with red as the dominant colour, and white pin stripes. We think it actually looks quite good.

The away shirt is basically the opposite of the home shirt, with white as the main colour and red pin stripes.

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Stoke City

Stoke City Home & Away Shirts

Adidas hasn’t done anything too much with the traditional red and white striped home shirt, but the away shirt features the new navy and cardinal colours once worn by the Stoke Ramblers following the formation of the Club back in 1863 and the club badge has been changed slightly to reflect on 150 years of the club.

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Sunderland Home ShirtSunderland Away Shirt




Sunderland’s shirt suppliers, Adidas, haven’t done too much to the home shirt. It’s a pretty safe design with the traditional red and white stripes. Noticeable is the shirt sponsor, Invest in Africa.   Sunderland are pleased with the deal they have agreed with Tullow Oil, who run the not-for-profit initiative.

The away shirt is a little more controversial and divides opinion. We understand the main colour is called aquamarine and there is a teal trim. First impressions are not favourable. We’ll leave it at that.

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Swansea City

Swansea City Home ShirtIt was often mentioned last Season that Swansea pass the ball like Barcelona, well this Season they have a new home shirt like Real Madrid! The Swans are celebrating their Centenary year and have replaced the usual black trim with gold to mark the milestone.

Swansea City Away ShirtThe away shirt reflects their Welsh roots, in red with green trim and white detail.

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Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs Home ShirtSpurs Away Shirt








It’s all change at Spurs, new manager, new kit supplier. Puma have been replaced by American designers, Under Armour.

The new home strip features an all-white design that looks very familiar to kits of the 1980’s. The grey trim, also a staple from the 80s, may take some getting used to but it’s not a bad effort from the designers new to the Premier League.

The new away kit sees Under Armour sticking to the basics with a traditional navy blue strip. Nothing too contentious and it works well.

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West Bromwich Albion

West Brom Home ShirtWest Brom Away Shirt








We’ve seen it reported that West Brom’s shirt sales increased dramatically last Season, when Adidas were installed as the club’s kit suppliers. This Season they haven’t changed the home shirt too much. The club’s sponsors are now Zoopla.

The away shirt is in block red with navy blue trim. Nothing exceptional but nothing bad either.

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West Ham United

West Ham Home ShirtWest Ham Away Shirt








It’s a return to the Premier League for West Ham and shirt suppliers, Macron, have produced a traditional design for the home shirt. The neckline design in interesting and overall we think this shirt will be well received.

The away shirt sticks with navy blue as the main colour, as they have used many times before in their recent away strips. The only design element that may divide opinion is how the designers have used the claret and blue on the neckline.

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Wigan Athletic

Wigan Home ShirtWigan have three new shirts this Season. For the home shirt, suppliers, Mi-Fit, has returned to blue and white stripes to the front, with the back of the shirt being all blue.

Wigan Away ShirtWigan Third Shirt








The new away shirt is a simple black design with yellow detail. The third shirt is virtually all red, with some black detail.

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