Premier League Shirt Preview – Season 2012-13 – Clubs A to M

The new Premier League season is here. What have the football kit designers come up with this season? Have they stuck to your club’s traditional kit design or thrown everything out and started from afresh? Take a look below for Premier League clubs A to M and see what you think. Will you be proud to wear your club colours this season, or will you be wearing a retro shirt because you can’t stand your shirts new look?









This new Arsenal shirt for the 2012-13 Season certainly looks like an Arsenal home shirt. The most notable change is the addition of blue to the sleeves, reflecting a British feel to the shirt. Nothing too controversial with this kit and it should be well received by Gooners.

Nike has been a little more bold with the away strip, with a purple and black hooped design that is similar to the 2007-08 Season. There is red trim to the sleeves. The away shirt is likely to be a little more divisive than the home shirt, but overall I think the shirt will prove to be a popular design.

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Aston Villa








Villa’s shirt suppliers, Macron, have come up with a traditional design for the claret and blue home shirt.

They’ve been a little more daring with the away shirt, opting for a vibrant lime green colour, with navy trim. The design may challenge the traditionalists, but fans will be hoping the team can be as bold this new Season.

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Chelsea was quick of the mark releasing their 2012-13 kits. The home shirt is in the traditional blue, but the white trim as been replaced with a golden trim. We understand kit suppliers Adidas feel the golden trim is ‘reflective of the year of sport and celebration in the capital in 2012’. We think most will think it reflects Chelsea’s Champions League triumph. Whatever, I’m sure the kit will be well received by Chelsea fans.

When you think of some of Chelsea’s recent away strips, this Season’s effort is tame by comparison. But that’s a good thing, it’s actually quite smart. The design has been likened to River Plate’s kit, from the Argentine league, with the pale blue colour similar to Marseille in the diagonal stripe. The shirt has a navy blue trim. Fans will be pleasantly surprised.

It’s become normal practice for clubs to release three kits in a Season and Chelsea third kit comes in a distinctive black and yellow design. I think supporters will agree it’s an improvement on the luminous greens and oranges of previous years.

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Everton’s kit suppliers this Season is Nike and they’ve produced a simple design for the home shirt. In traditional blue with white trim, the shirt has a simple v-neck with the most notable detail being the large white trim to the short sleeves.

The away shirt is a solid black with gold coloured detail by way of the club crest, sponsors logo and Nike swoosh. We think most Toffee’s fans will be pleased with Nike’s work.

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Fulham have looked back to the 1980’s for the look of their new strip this Season. Pin-stripes are back in the design but fans will be relieved to see that kit suppliers, Kappa, have produced a classy looking home kit.

In a nod to Dutch manager, Martin Jol, Kappa has produced an away strip in a striking orange design, with black and white detail. This new look may split opinion, but considering some of their past away strips, it’s not a bad effort.

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It’s been reported that Liverpool signed a £25 million deal with new kit manufacturers, Warrior, who have released three new kits for the new Season.

The home shirt looks a safe bet. In red, with golden yellow detail by way of the club crest, sponsor’s and manufacturer’s logos. From comments we’ve seen, it’s been pretty well received by Red’s fans.

The away shirt is primarily black, with grey detail around the neck and under the arms. If that sounds a little dull, you’ll be thankful that the golden yellow of the club crest, sponsor’s and manufacturers logos that do lift the shirt to an extent. It has received a mixed reception, but the third shirt has proved the most controversial.

The body of the shirt is grey, with white sleeves that have some sort of design that’s hard to explain – take a look at the photo! The shirt has orange trim. We haven’t seen too many positives with this shirt. We can understand a new supplier pushing the design envelope, but maybe Warrior missed the mark with this one.

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Manchester City









After their unforgettable, Title winning Season, City’s kit manufacturers, Umbro, have released a fairly traditional home shirt. In their traditional blue, the most striking detail is the black trim that extends to the club crest and logos. We think City fans will be generally pleased to wear this one.

If anything, we think the fans will love the away shirt more than the home shirt. It has a simple v-neck and benefits from a full colour club crest. The colour of the shirt is all maroon. Maroon has a rich history with the club.  City won the FA Cup in 1934 and 1956 wearing the colour. We think it will become a fan’s favourite.

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Manchester United









If you want your shirt to generate publicity Nike has been very success with the launch of the controversial new United home shirt. However, it must be said that much of the early publicity was not positive. Many United fans didn’t take to the gingham style check pattern in tones of red. The shirt has a black trim. And supporters of rival teams had a field day describing the shirt as a tea towel or tablecloth. Although the shirt still divides opinion, we sense that the bold new design has been receiving more support of late. Maybe it’s one of those shirts that you hate at first, but then grow to love. If United get back on track this season and win the Premier League or Champions League, we think the shirt could become a fan’s favourite. Time will tell.

The away strip is a lot less controversial. In white, with red trim and black detail to the club crest and logo’s the away shirt received a more positive reception.

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