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Liverpool away kit 2013-14Here is the new Liverpool away shirt and kit along with the new goalkeeper’s change kit for the 2013-14 season. The new kits are made by Warrior. Images of the new away shirt have been widely ‘leaked’ on the Internet and despite some scepticism; it turns out that they were correct.

Liverpool away shirt 2013-14I think it’s fair to say that the new away strip has caused quite a stir among supporters. The pattern on the bottom half of the shirt seems to be the issue. Here’s how the kit design was described on the Liverpool website.

“Inspired by the patterns and graphics featured in the kits of the 1980s and 1990s, Warrior and LFC have produced a strip which represents modern retro.

Beyond the traditional colour scheme, the neckline from the 1981 away kit has been reworked to give the shirt a contemporary edge. The diamond print is a refreshed interpretation of the graphics featured in the 1989-91 away strip.

The new kit has been made using War-Tech, Warrior’s signature apparel technology system.”

You can’t deny that Warrior hasn’t been bold with the new kit design and some have applauded their fresh approach and trying something new. However, maybe they’ve gone too far for most fans. Early reaction we’ve seen has been overwhelmingly negative. Many Liverpool fans seem to be most unhappy with the new design and it’s rumoured the third shirt is going to be equally unpopular. Of course, fans of rival clubs are making the most of the situation.

Gerrard and Reina new Liverpool away strips 2013-14What do you think of the new Warrior design? Comments welcome below.

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