France Home 2013-2015 Shirt Kit 2014 World Cup Nike

New France strip 2014.Here is the new France home shirt and kit for 2013/15 and the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The new strip is made by Nike.

France home kit 2013-15.Kit manufacturer’s Nike have attempted to combine the best in performance innovation with insightful design details, the new French kit captures the innate style and national pride of France with a sophisticated look.

The crest features a new design inspired by the 1958 crest and reflects players’ feedback of wanting to “feel the history of our country”. The cockerel-design has been enlarged, freed from its badge and given the space to again become the ultimate symbol of French national pride. It’s also beautifully embroidered just above the heart and on the bottom of each player’s number, and a flag is placed on the inside of the neck on each kit.

Martin Lotti, Creative Director for Nike Football said:

“We looked at what French players were wearing off-pitch, and they favoured a classic, hand-crafted kind of style. We wanted to reflect this and give players that same level of luxury and same idea of tailored fit.”

France home shirt 2014.The shirt’s fabric is inspired by the French town of Nimes, which gave the world denim ( de Nimes). Nike explain…  ”the paradox between raw denim and elegant silk mirrored Nike designers’ desire to create a beautiful design aesthetic for the French home shirt”.

Early reaction we’ve seen from fans seems to be largely positive. What do you think? Comments welcome below.

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France home kit 2014.Retro France shirts available here.

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