Everton Reveal New Club Crest Options For Fan Vote

Everton club crest optionsEverton has now revealed three new club crest designs and are giving supporters the opportunity to choose the favourite which the club will then adopt. This follows the introduction of a new club crest earlier this year which sparked a huge backlash from unhappy fans.

The three new designs all incorporate elements of the former crest with an older tower and the Latin motto ‘Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’, which translates as ‘nothing but the best is good enough’. The current club crest revealed earlier this year didn’t include the motto or wreaths in the new design. It was this omission that caused the controversy and uproar from the fans. There was a poll on an Everton fan site that registered a 91% negative response to the new crest.

The club responded and promised the fans that the crest would be redesigned with their input taken on board. Using online and offline surveys and a series of focus groups, over 20,000 Everton supporters supplied feedback and over 400 design ideas were also submitted.

New Everton club crest choices.The fans now have a choice of three club crests shown in the pictures.

Which one do you think the club should choose? Comments welcome below.

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