Do You Care About Football At The Olympics?

Are you supporting Team GB?

Team GB’s men’s and women’s football team have reached the quarter finals at the Olympics, but do you really care? Personally, I’ve watched all of Team GB’s games, both the men’s and women’s. But that was just because I love football. I’d watch almost any game to be honest. I must admit though, I wasn’t emotionally involved to any great degree. Of course, I wanted Team GB to win but with nowhere near the intensity or desire when supporting my club team or England.

Out of the men’s team and women’s team, I actually want the women to win more. It’s got to mean more to them, surely? They don’t have anywhere near the exposure or publicity that the men do in their normal club or country situations. The World Cup is the pinnacle of the English men’s game, followed by the Euro’s. I think winning the Champion’s League or Premiership would mean more to most of the men, than winning an Olympic Gold Medal. I’m not saying it wouldn’t mean anything, but it wouldn’t be their main ambition.

However, how the women’s game is at normal club and country level, the Olympics has got to mean more to them. Playing in front of 70,000 plus fans at Wembley, against Brazil, has got to be a career highlight for most of them. Their games are live on national TV and their faces splashed across the national press. I would really like to see them do well.

I get the impression that the hardcore, football fan doesn’t really give a stuff for football at the Olympics and instead they’re counting down the days to the start of the new League season. The people going to the games are, in general, not the usual football crowd. It’s more of a family crowd, attracted to the matches because they’re part of the Olympics. When the Olympics have ended and the League matches and World Cup qualifiers have started, I don’t think Team GB will last long in the memory for most football fans. I’ll still be watching and cheering them on though!

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