Argentina Home Shirt Kit 2014 World Cup Adidas

Argentina Messi kit 2014 World Cup.Here is the new Argentina home shirt and kit for 2014 and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The new strip is made by Adidas.

Argentina World Cup 2014 kit.The new shirt design is said to bring together the national football team, which represents Argentinean passion, and the nation’s most important and patriotic icon, the national flag. For the first time, through the sky-blue stripes of the shirt, there is a reflective visual effect simulating a Argentinean flag on top of a pole, waving in the wind.

The crest also shows an evolution in this new design. Retaining its elegant essence, the golden AFA crest gains a more prominent presence contrasting with the white and the sky-blue colours of the shirt. It also contrasts with the golden lines on the sides and the upper side of the shirt.

Argentina kit black shorts and socks.The official kit also includes white shorts and white socks with sky-blue stripes, complementing the flag-based inspiration and giving it a more modern look. However, the more traditional black change shorts, and black socks as well, are also available.

We’ve seen a largely positive reaction to the new strip from the fans but what do you think? Comments welcome below.

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