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At SoccerJerseyPlus we are massive fans of the beautiful game…football, or soccer, as it’s known in many parts of the world. Despite being known as SoccerJerseyPlus we ourselves actually prefer to call the game football (we just couldn’t get a suitable domain name with ‘football’ included). But we don’t want to get hung up on what we call this fantastic game. In our humble opinion, whether you call it football or soccer doesn’t really matter. What we can agree on is that it’s the greatest game on the planet.

We have two websites dedicated to football; this site at www.SoccerJerseyPlus.co.uk which is primarily our blog site, where we discuss anything to do with football. Latest news, transfer talk, fan chat, in fact anything football related. We also have a sister site at www.SoccerJerseyPlus.com, where we focus on some of the best deals on football related products that fans love to own. Football shirts, kits and clothing, plus gifts, memorabilia and collectibles. We search the net for the latest offers and best deals from trusted suppliers and display them on the site, helping our visitors get the best products at the best prices. Take a look here.

www.SoccerJerseyPlus.com – Our sister site

We’re football fans for football fans. We hope to be interesting, thought provoking, entertaining and informative, plus help you find some great football related items, at great prices. We’d love to hear from you. Our Facebook page is www.FaceBook.com/SoccerJerseyPlus and our Twitter page is www.Twitter.com/sjplus . I hope you decide to follow us. You can also join our list here to receive any special offers, latest news, etc direct to your inbox. Join here.

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